Road builder to enter vehicle recovery market

Monday, 13 May 2024 (update 15 July 2024)
Road builder De Jong Zuurmond obtained a majority shareholding in Bergnet, one of the largest vehicle recovery companies in the country, on 9 April 2024. It is the first time since 2005 that a recovery company has been taken over by a company from outside the sector. De Jong Zuurmond is one of the biggest players in the highway maintenance market in the Netherlands. The company offers road managers services that range from asphalting roads and cutting grass verges, to repairing crash barriers, and gritting roads in winter. For many years, Bergnet has been the largest vehicle recovery company in the Randstad region, operating from bases in Haarlem, Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Lelystad, among others.

De Jong Zuurmond laying fresh asphalt on the A10 in Amsterdam-Noord in 2023

De Jong Zuurmond laying fresh asphalt on the A10 in Amsterdam-Noord in 2023

IM recovery operators responded to 39,255 call outs in the first quarter of this year. That was 17% more than in the first quarter of 2023. Throughout the country, the average response time logged for these call outs was 10.27 minutes. That was almost one and a half minutes quicker than last year, and one of the best ever performances by the IM network.

Quickest recovery operators, 2024-Q1

Rank Previous Recovery operator ART (average) Incident reports

The quickest recovery operator in the country was Takel- Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt in Rhoon. This company responded to 3,450 call outs in the south of the Rijnmond area, with an average response time of 6.51 minutes. Barendregt was closely followed by the IM recovery operators in The Hague (Vreugdenhil) and Amsterdam (Bergnet). The response times registered by Bergnet were the best that this company had ever shown.

Car on fire on the A28 at Nijkerk, in the early morning of 8 February 2024 (report L24027987; Bergnet)

Car on fire on the A28 at Nijkerk, in the early morning of 8 February 2024 (report L24027987; Bergnet)

In nine of the 215 IM districts, the response time for all vehicle recoveries was under twenty minutes. The largest of these districts was the area covered by Automobielbedrijf Schoenmaker en Zonen, north of Purmerend (NH123). And south of Den Bosch (NB319), the local IM recovery operator was on site within twenty minutes for all 200 vehicle recoveries.

IM recovery operators with 100% performance

Recovery operator Districts Area (km) Recovery operations
Totaal landelijk8.730,039.263
Aandeel 100%3,1%3,1%

The tables list only districts for which a complete quarterly report has been published for the quarter just ended. These are districts in which twenty or more recovery operations were carried out and districts for which the quarter just ended was the last in a series of quarters in which the minimum of twenty recovery operations required for drawing up a report was exceeded. Average response times are reported after correction for delays as a result of congestion. In determining the kilometres of road in each district, the two carriageways of roads with divided carriageways are counted as separate roads. No rights may be derived from the information on the tables.

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